Alfa Romeo Logo Change

The fading of the emblem on Alfa Romeo is a common phenomenon , no matter how beautiful the mark is, it easily loses its color and gloss, in the article below we will see some tips and videos, for removing and installing the materials and tools that we need.

• Sharp object (for the incision we will make in the middle of the logo).

• A thin screwdriver (to remove it from the base)

• Acetone or other material   for removing the remnants of the old glue, be careful not to drip on the car paint, this is probably the most important step for the correct placement of the new mark so that the surface is smooth and clean.

 In almost all Alfa Romeos the diameter of the mark is 7.4 cm on both the hood and the trunk. Aftermarket products come with a double-sided sticker, but you could add more perimeter so that it sticks better.

 σήμα Alfa Romeo με αυτοκόλλητο διπλής όψης

The protruding metal helps to position the signal correctly, there is a notch that fastens.

 Below are videos with the installation on various Alfa Romeo models.

 The procedure is the same for almost all models.

For a long time durability, apply a transparent protective varnish in two or three coats. In the photos below you can see what designs are available and where to get them.

And the four logo types you can order in the link below.

Μεταλλικά σήματα Alfa Romeo

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